Our Cat A Fit-Out solution for landlords and commercial agents includes all the services you need to bring your building spaces to a level ready for occupancy.

Our Cat A Fit-Outs transform empty shells or tired buildings into workable spaces, in preparation for interior décor, refurbishment, renovation, or occupancy.

Our Experience Reduces your Stress:

With all aspects of your Cat A Fit-Out handled by our experienced team, you can be confident that your the project will be completed on time and within budget, without the need to constantly chase different contractors.

Maximising your Return on Investment (ROI):

Our Cat A Fit-Outs maximise return on Investment for your landlord by ensuring that the various specifications are correct for your building.

Office during refurbishment

Achieve deadlines:

Cat A Fit-Outs can be completed more quickly than self-manage projects, as each element of the project is carefully coordinated with no lost time waiting for third-party specialists or contractors.

Enhanced versatility:

After a Cat A Fit-Out, your commercial spaces can be easily changed and modified for the needs of each of your tenants, with no complex refurbishments required.

Workmen with Office refurbishment plan

What Does a Cat A Fit-Out Include?

✔ Suspended ceilings and raised floors.

✔ Lighting and power.

✔ Mechanical engineering services, such as ventilation and air conditioning.

✔ Fire detection and protection devices.

✔ Surface finishes in preparation for decoration (these would be painted).

✔ Shared areas, including washrooms, toilets, lifts, reception, and staff rooms.

Kubico Cat A fit out guide

Free Guide: What Is The Difference Between Cat A & Cat B Fit Out?

Who We Work With

Kubico works with clients across the UK to deliver projects from £50,000 to £10 million plus in value.

Our clients, from the commercial, residential, and public sectors, include:

● Project managers.

● Private Investors.

● Landlords of large, multiple unit buildings.

● Commercial agents.

● Institutional investors.

We welcome enquiries from landlords or their agents, seeking to simplify the fit-out of their properties and to save time and money by centralising all aspects of the project.

Newly designed and refurbished office

Contact Kubico For More Information

Possessing extensive experience our team possesses the knowledge and skills to deliver effective Cat A Fit-Outs.

To discuss your project and find out more about our services, please get in touch with Kubico today on 0203 468 2770 or send us a message.

Examples Of Our Work

Broadway Malyan

Waterloo, London

10,000 sqft

Frontier Estates

Marylebone, London

5,000 sqft